This is a family history in 11 parts, tracing Dora and Louis Brustman’s lives from childhood in Europe through establishing themselves in America and building a family. This history was originally published in 2001 as “From Shtetl to Sharon: How the Brustmans came from Russia to New York City and Sharon Springs.” (Click here for PDF version.)

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Most Americans of Jewish descent trace their lineage through a shtetl, a poor Eastern European village. These people include Dora and Louis Brustman’s descendants. Ironically, the place this couple’s grand- and great-grandchildren most associate with them is Sharon Springs, New York, a poor American village. Sharon is the extended Brustman family’s gathering place, and the Brustman House there is a family shrine.

Dora and Louis hadn’t contemplated a shrine and, indeed, never heard of Sharon until relatively late in life. The trek from Shetl to Sharon is the story of their lives. Like all lives, the journey was the accumulated flow of events, choices and actions, but not always as anticipated.


Part One – The Russian Pale
Part Two – Hrubiechev
Part Three – Tomaschev
Part Four – Lemberg
Part Five – New York
Part Six – The Lower East Side
Part Seven – The Great Depression
Part Eight – Poland
Part Nine – Holocaust
Part Ten – Sharon Springs
Part Eleven – Brooklyn


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