Dora is buried alongside Louis in Mount Hebron Cemetery, within a section purchased by and reserved for the Hrubiechev Society. They lie among the family and friends who also took the journey that led from a poor Russian village to this immense, peaceful cemetery in New York’s Borough of Queens.

When you face their graves you can see the distant New York skyline beyond. You cannot, however, see any of events that filled their two lifetimes — service in the Tsar’s army, courtships and marriages, border crossings and sea voyages, poker games, the Great Depression, Sabbath ritual, or countless other events important and not. To the beholder the shared granite headstone simply informs they were beloved family.

Their saga spanned nearly eighty years and two World Wars. It covered two continents and several cultures. It started in Hrubiechev and Tomaschev, and ended in New York City and Sharon Springs. It was an adventure.



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