Through the summer family members come and go. Some drop in for an occasional weekend, a few spend their vacations from work, and others stop by while in the neighborhood. You never know who is going to be at the house.

Each summer a Reunion Weekend is designated. This is done so those who can only get to the house for one weekend will all come the same time. Reunion is a favorite event for so much of the family, with four generations present.

The typical reunion has people assembling on Friday. Then it’s three days of hanging about the House, chatting with each other and and catching up on everyone’s news. We eat some of the meals in the house and at least one as a group in a restaurant. The younger generations explore Sharon Springs and the older ones schmooze about their aches and pains. Inevitably history and stories are traded, and through these reminesnces everyone gets a sense of their place in the continuing family saga.

 Here are  photos from recent reunions.



One Response to Reunions

  1. Carl Baum (Teitelbaum family) says:

    What a grand story has been told so touchingly and expressively. Many, many thanks for sharing it! I remember when I was perhaps 4 or 5, sitting up in a balcony on the EastSide of NYC and listening to my Uncle Strool Bubis rap his gavel at a Hrubishover meeting was being held. It was most dramatic and impressive for a little kid and I still remember it vividly at 82!
    Wishing your family the very best in the New Year!

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